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Welcome Stone Hike Grenada

Levera Hill, Saint Patrick Parish, Grenada

The Welcome Stone hike commences at beautiful Bathway Beach, leads you through rustic and authentic Grenadian villages and countryside and ends at the Welcome Stone, where majestic vistas of Grenada’s North East coast will surely take your breath away!

Hiking to the Welcome Stone  


Welcome Stone and Welcome Rock are the two common names given to this panoramic viewpoint, atop Levera Hill (Piton), a short distance from Bathway, on Grenada’s North East coast.

I was fortunate enough to live in Bathway for eighteen months with my family in the early 1980s. Although many of the local landmarks remain in my memory, I had no recollection of the Welcome Stone.

It was only when researching places to visit in Grenada for our 2018-2019 trip that I learned about this stunning location for the first time. The Goats on the Road travel bloggers used a picture taken from the Welcome Stone on their “about us” page and I instantly recognised the coastline in the picture.

The Welcome Stone hike instantly became a fixture on our “must do” list during our Caribbean adventure!

How to get to Welcome Stone Grenada?

If you require directions to Welcome Stone Grenada, simply click on the ‘Directions’ link on the map below, enter your starting location and mode of transport and let Google show you the best route options.

Welcome Stone Hike – Route Guide

The Welcome Stone hike from Bathway is not an official, published hiking trail. We just so happened to be spending a week in the Glass House Airbnb in Bathway and fancied a hike to the Welcome Stone!

“ The Glass House Airbnb is superb! The premises, location and the hosts were amazing. If you are planning a trip to Grenada’s North East coast, you simply must stay here (we don’t get paid for this recommendation!)”


Upon leaving our accommodation, we headed north along the coast road that runs parallel with Bathway Beach. Here you get to enjoy unbroken easterly views over the ocean, towards Green Island and Sandy Island.

views from bathway

Hills to the west

In approximately 600 metres, you will take the second turning on the left. This will lead you in a westerly direction along a pleasant, leafy residential street that gradually winds its way up into the hills of Bathway’s interior. Be sure to stop and enjoy the ever-improving view over the sea as you continue upwards along the route.

bathway to rose hill road

Dirt road between Bathway and Rose Hill

Before long, the concrete road gives way to a dirt road which soon plateaus and views open up to the forested peaks to the west and south-west. The residential properties of Bathway now give way to roadsides lush with thick vegetation.

rose hill locals

Meeting the locals in Rose Hill

Rose Hill    

A short distance further on, you will enter Rose Hill, a typical rural Grenadian village. Here you will find modest wooden properties splashed with vibrant colours, which is so much the norm in this island nation.

You can’t help but notice the pride taken in the presentation of these small homes, which are, without exception, immaculately presented. We received the usual friendly greetings from young and old as we passed by.

welcome stone road

Sharp turn on to Welcome Stone road

When we asked a man for clarification that we were indeed on the right route, he even offered to walk us all the way to our destination. We politely declined his kind offer.

welcome stone sign

Don’t miss the Welcome Stone sign!

At the end of Rose Hill high street, you turn left and then immediately right on to Madeys road. Follow this road for approximately 800 metres until you reach a sharp right-hand turn.

This is the road that will lead you to the Welcome Stone. There was no official signpost to indicate that the Welcome Stone was at the top of this road but a kind resident had created their own sign to help visitors.

welcome stone hike

Ready for the steep climb up Levera Hill?

The Climb to the Top of Levera Hill

As soon as you turn on to this section of road, the gradient increases considerably as the road winds its way to the top of Levera Hill. This section of the Welcome Stone hike may only be approximately 1 km in length but it is comfortably the most difficult section of the hike.

levera hill

The track through the woods at the top of Levera Hill

Upon reaching the top you will be welcomed by an unsightly radar station that is surrounded by a wire fence. Turn left and follow the perimeter of the fence until the path leads you down into the woods.

welcome stone hike

Boulders leading to the Welcome Stone

Again, there is no sign of any sort to indicate that you are on the right track; just a few posts in the ground joined by a length of rope that gives you the sense that you are being lead somewhere.

welcome stone grenada

Stunning views from the Welcome Stone!

The Welcome Stone – Views to behold      

You will soon catch sight of a collection of large boulders on your right-hand side. Climb over the boulders and you will instantly be greeted with a picture-perfect Caribbean vista.

Our sudden exposure to this incredible view can best be likened to one that a pilot would experience when breaking out of the cloud on the approach to landing.

welcome stone views

Looking south

What can you see from the Welcome Stone?

As you gaze out to the northeast, there is plenty to focus your attention. At the base of the hill sits Levera Pond and just a short distance off the beaches of Levera and Bathway are Sugarloaf, Green Island and Sandy Island (left to right).

welcome stone grenada

Didem enjoying the views from the Welcome Stone

Looking further to the northeast you will be able to make out Caille Island, Ronde Island, Les Tantes and Diamond Island. On a clear day, you will even be able to see Carriacou, which along with Petite Martinique, make up the island nation of Grenada.   

view from welcome stone

Looking down the east coast

We were so mesmerised by the location and the beauty that lay before us that we simply sat and gazed at the view with a real reluctance to leave.   

Returning to Bathway

We opted to return to Bathway using the same track but we were advised by a young man at the Welcome Stone that there was a more direct route. This track dropped down into the woods on the steep eastern slope of Levera Hill, just to the right of the Welcome Stone. Since we had no idea what this track was like, we chose the tried and tested route home.

Bathway sign

We just love signposts in Grenada!

As we headed back through Rose Hill, we caught sight of a green fruit hanging from a tree alongside the road. As we stood trying to work out what it was, a local man approached us and informed us that it was known locally as the Golden Apple. Apparently, it is only when the fruit falls to the ground, that it starts to ripen and develops its golden colour.

The gentleman instructed his young son to run home and fetch him a knife. He then picked a Golden Apple from the ground, peeled it and offered it to us. Having never tried this fruit before, we both happily obliged. It was crunchy, a little sour and slightly sweet. The taste was unique and beautifully refreshing.

bathway beach

Time for cooling off following our hike!

We thanked the two of them for their kindness and generosity and made our way back to Bathway for a well-earned cooling off in the sea.

Welcome Stone Hike – Questions & Answers

How far is the Welcome Stone hike from Bathway?

The hike is approximately 6 miles / 10 km.

How long does it take?

The return hike took us 4 hours and 22 minutes but that did include spending the best part of an hour marvelling at the views from the Welcome Stone.

How difficult is the hike?

The hike is fairly easy on the whole. It really is just the 1 km stretch to the summit of Levera Hill that is somewhat challenging.

Is it necessary to hire a guide for the Welcome Stone hike?

Absolutely not! The route is almost entirely on roads. Simply follow the route generated by the ViewRanger app on this page and you will reach your destination without any issues. Failing that, just ask the locals. They will certainly help you!

How high is Levera Hill?

259 metres or 849 feet    

Welcome Stone Hike – Our Thoughts

The Welcome Stone hike takes you along roads nearly the entire way but they are small and generally free of traffic. Although not an arduous affair, the road to the top of Levera Hill is steep and you will certainly be puffing a bit when you get to the top!

This hike really is all about the destination and what a destination it is! The views from the Welcome Stone are mesmerising and would be hard to beat anywhere on the island. It really is a wonderful spot to enjoy a packed lunch while gazing out over the northeast coast of Grenada and neighbouring islands.

There are so many wonderful places to see in Grenada but I always feel that this super location never gets the coverage it deserves. Hopefully, this article will help bring this special little place to the attention of locals and visitors alike!

Have you visited the Welcome Stone in Grenada? We would certainly love to hear about your experience. Please share in the comment box below…

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