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Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls

Grenada Waterfalls

The Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls hike is short and easy and leads you into a spectacular wooded valley where you are greeted by two beautiful contrasting falls

Mt Carmel Waterfall Grenada

During the third week of our Caribbean adventure, we stayed at a wonderful Airbnb in Belle Isle, in the South East of Grenada. This located us nicely for a visit to Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls or Marquis Falls as they are sometimes known. This was one of the must-see destinations that we had pinpointed prior to our trip.

We had a great host at our Airbnb who offered us a ride whenever he was heading out. When he told us that he was off to Grenville one morning, we grabbed a ride knowing that the Eastern Main Road passed right by the Mt Carmel Junction.

Where is Royal Mount Carmel Falls?

The falls are situated approximately 3 miles (5 km) south of Grenville, Grenada’s second largest town. The entrance to the falls is situated immediately off the Eastern Main Road. Check out the exact location on the map below:

How to get there

Although a popular tourist destination, you will not find as many tour buses heading there as you will some of the more prominent tourist traps. Therefore, you will either want to hire a car or jump aboard one of the many buses that can drop you almost at the entrance. Whether you will be arriving from the north or south, you will want to be on the number 2 bus.

royal mount carmel waterfalls guide

Alroy – Our guide to the falls

Entering the falls

Royal Mount Carmel Falls is situated on private land so you will be charged a EC$2.50 entrance fee (per person). You may also find a guide standing alongside you, almost like you had booked them in advance. Hiring a guide is not mandatory and it is certainly not necessary.

royal mount carmel waterfalls hike

Off we go!

The Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls hike is approximately 15 minutes each way; so, little more than a short stroll really! The track is easy to follow, well prepared and there is very little chance of either getting lost or somehow managing to miss either of the two falls.

We accepted a guide’s offer, nonetheless, as we are always open to those useful pieces of local knowledge that we would otherwise miss out on.

grenada waterfall hikes

Some of the trees along the route

Our guide was a friendly young man who went by the name of Alroy. He was certainly in the Christmas spirit with beer in hand and a constantly ‘clinking’ rucksack. A short hike to Royal Carmel Waterfalls was clearly not the time to run out of refreshments! 

Royal Mount Carmel Waterfall Grenada – Walk to the falls

Once through the entrance gate, you will find yourself on a well-prepared dirt track that leads you through a beautiful lush wood where you will see a variety of mature plants and trees, including an abundance of nutmeg and banana.

mount carmel waterfall hike

One of the short climbs

There are a few gentle ups and downs but nothing remotely strenuous. It really is a very pleasant stroll in one of nature’s quiet little pockets of paradise!

mt carmel waterfall grenada

Come on lazy!

After little more than 10-15 minutes, the path leads you down to a small river off to your right. Here the path bends slightly to the left and now the sound of the tumbling cascade of the upper Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls can be heard.

grenada waterfall hikes

Admiring the nature!

Head a little further down the path into the enticing verdant valley and the falls come into view and what a sight they are! They look so perfect that it’s almost like a thin white veil has been draped over a sheer rock face.

royal mount carmel waterfalls

The falls come into sight

Follow the path towards the falls and then climb the steps leading up to the perfect vantage point. Here you can marvel at the beauty of the magical Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls!

marquis falls

Approaching the falls

Time to get wet

If you are anything like us, a walk to a beautiful tropical waterfall would not be complete without a dip in the cooling crystal clear waters. Just off to the left of the main cascade, sits nature’s perfect swimming pool that is simply too inviting to refuse.

swimming in royal mount carmel falls

Didem takes the plunge!

If you need to get changed into your swimming gear, there is a small wooden hut right alongside the path for this purpose.

royal mount carmel falls

Gavin takes a shower!

Fancy trying something a little more adventurous? Why not clamber up on the rocks and take a refreshing shower under the falls themselves. This was incredibly exhilarating and felt a lot like standing under an extreme power shower!

The rocks under the falls are incredibly slippery and keeping your balance is all the more difficult with the cascade pounding you from above. I wore a cheap pair of water shoes that not only helped to protect my feet but also prevented any slipping disasters.

Off to the lower falls

The second of the Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls is just a short walk away and offers a most striking contrast to that of the upper falls. Head back along the path on which you came, for approximately 200 metres.

royal mount carmel falls river

Narrow river connecting the two falls

At this point, instead of following the main track to the right, drop off the path to the left and follow the right bank of the river. The river running from the upper falls is narrow but it now broadens and exposes what can best be described as nature’s perfect water slide. This smooth, undulating sheet of rock guides the river into a perfect circular plunge pool at its base.

royal mount carmel lower falls

The lower falls – Nature’s perfect water slide!

mt carmel waterfall grenada

Looking back up the water slide

It was here that Alroy suggested that I took advantage of this ‘slide’ and propel myself into the awaiting pool. I considered this proposition with trepidation and decided that sliding from the top appeared just a little too dangerous for me. For once, I allowed good sense to prevail and went from a little slower down. This was still quite enough fun for me!

royal mount carmel lower falls

Sliding in is easy, getting out not so easy!

Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls Hike – Our Thoughts

The hike to the falls is little more than a gentle stroll in reality. Regardless of your fitness levels, this should cause you few problems. If you are looking for Grenada waterfall hikes, I guess it just about slots into that category. 

The walk may be short but it is truly idyllic as you wander through this stunning, colourful river valley. The upper falls are without a doubt one of the Grenada waterfalls that you must see. They are simply picture perfect! Take a dip in the crystal clear waters or brave a shower under the falls themselves. You will not regret it!  

grenada waterfalls

The happy couple

When you head to the lower falls, you must take a slide into the plunge pool. Whatever your age, you will love it! Climbing out the same way that you slid in is far from easy, however. There are holes in which to place your hands and feet to aid your exit but it’s a little challenging.

If you don’t fancy struggling, just swim to the other side of the plunge pool, climb out and walk back to your starting point.

If you are off to the beautiful island of Grenada, make Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls one of your must-see attractions. I have no doubt that their beauty will live long in your memory!

Have you been lucky enough to visit these beautiful waterfalls? If so, we would love to hear about your experience; kindly share in the comment box below…

If you are planning a visit to Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls and have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We will be happy to help. Alternatively, head on over to the Royal Mount Carmel Falls TripAdvisor page and find out what others are saying about their experiences. 

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royal mount carmel waterfalls