About The Roaming Spices

Who Are We?

Thanks for dropping by to find out a little more about us “Roaming Spices”. At the end of May 2017, we both came to the conclusion that we simply had to make travel an integral part of our lives if we were going to be truly happy.

However, we are not about to tell you that we suddenly chucked in our jobs, jumped in a cab and headed off to the airport to start living the dream. But we had made the decision that in our minds was now irreversible and travel was going to play a big role in our lives from this day on!

Gavin & Didem

This is us!

Why “Roaming Spices”?

The “Spices” part of our name probably requires a little explaining! Well, we are both real lovers of spices and regularly add a variety of them to the food that we eat. In our opinion, each spice comes with its very own unique flavour, characteristics and personality – just like the vast number of destinations around the world that we plan to encounter!

Since it will be the two of us who will be doing the “roaming” we felt it made perfect sense to call ourselves “spices”. Therefore, together we are the “Roaming Spices”.

About Our Blog

Once we had decided to start our own blog within the travel sphere, we realised that focusing on a specific niche within the sector was really important. The travel blogging arena is packed with sites covering all different aspects of travel – some sites even attempt to cover a multitude of travel topics.

We realised that it made far more sense to become experts in one area of travel than try to cover them all. After a great deal of research and many late night chats, we decided that our blog’s focus would be on the “hiking” niche.

Since we are already keen walkers, it wasn’t really a difficult decision to make. We plan to document all the walks/hikes that we undertake as we aim to inspire others to get out and enjoy the wonders of nature and embrace the physical, mental and social benefits that hiking offers.

We have both enjoyed a reasonable amount of travelling before we met but this blog is all about the experiences that we enjoy together and we would love to take you on our journey and share our experiences with you as we roam.

We are blessed to live in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan, in South Wales and this is where many of our walks/hiking adventures will take place. That said, we fully intend to take our adventures to many other parts of the UK as well as overseas in time!

We hope that you enjoy “Roaming Spices” and with any luck, you may be inspired to commence your very own travel adventures too!