concord waterfalls

Concord Waterfalls Hike

Concord Waterfalls

The Concord Waterfalls hike takes you through tropical rainforest, displaying an abundance of fruit and vegetable trees, culminating in not one but three crystal mountain falls in which to cool off

Concord Falls – One of the Best Waterfalls in Grenada

When we started planning our five-week Grenadian adventure, we knew that our activity list had to include a waterfall hike or two. Finding the best waterfalls in Grenada is quite another matter! “Best” to us is a stunning waterfall that also requires some level of hike to reach.  

Using the likes of TripAdvisor, we quickly ascertained which were considered the best waterfalls in Grenada based on visitor opinions. We then pinpointed which of these required a hike.

The top four best waterfalls in Grenada for both TripAdvisor review number and quality ratings are:

  • Annandale Falls
  • Seven Sisters Falls
  • Concord waterfalls
  • Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls

As the Annandale Falls required no hike and the Seven Sisters Falls and Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls only required relatively short hikes, we choose the Concord waterfalls hike to get us started on our Caribbean adventure. To make it super convenient, we even booked our Airbnb accommodation in the village of Concord.

Where are the Concord waterfalls and how best to get there?

Concord waterfalls are located in Saint John parish on the Western side of Grenada, approximately 8 miles (13 km) north of the capital city of St Georges. Once in the small coastal village of Concord, there is a signposted right turn off the main West coast road that will lead you directly to the first of the three Concord falls. The map below shows you the exact location:

Concord Falls – Three Waterfalls Hike

Prior to arriving in Grenada, we undertook a fair amount of research into the various hikes that were of interest to us. When looking into the three Concord waterfalls hike, many individuals online suggested that the hiring of a guide was advisable.

concord waterfalls guide

Jeremiah – our guide for the day

Therefore, upon our arrival at our Airbnb, we asked our host if they could help us secure a guide for the hike. She told us that her brother, Jeremiah (Jerry), worked as a guide from time to time so we promptly booked him.   

Walk to the Falls

The road to the falls is narrow yet tarmacked and there is so much to see along this stretch. Initially, the roadsides are dotted with colourful, wooden houses whose residents welcomed us with beaming smiles and a “good morning” as we ambled by. This level of friendliness is just the norm in Grenada; people just seem happy to be alive!

road to concord waterfalls

The road to Concord Falls

As the road meandered ever upwards through the verdant Concord river valley, properties gave way to an elaborate array of colourful fruit and vegetable trees that caught our eye at every turn.

cocoa bean

Jerry picks a cocoa bean to show us

cocoa bean

Opening the cocoa bean

cocoa bean

The cocoa pulp from which chocolate is made

“What’s that fruit?”, “What’s that vegetable?”, we found ourselves blurting out as we marvelled at the wonders that burst from the roadside. Thankfully, Jerry was like a walking Wikipedia page and clearly enjoyed sharing his broad knowledge of his country’s natural wonders.

Soursop Tree

Soursop Tree

We spotted: breadfruit, five finger (starfruit), soursop, coconut, bananas, cocoa beans, nutmeg, passion fruit, plantains, callaloo, calabash and mango. The Grenadian landscape really does offer a veritable harvest for all to enjoy!



Concord Waterfall One  

You are certainly greeted with a fine view of the first cascade off to the right as you approach. Although this is one of Grenada’s premier tourist attractions, the whole commercial set up around the falls is fairly understated and tastefully done.

concord waterfalls

First of the Concord waterfalls

This consisted of a number of small stores selling the usual touristy stuff and a small bar and viewing platform from where you can grab those memorable snaps.

concord falls grenada

A snap from the viewing platform

Our one major criticism of the area and one that saddened us both was seeing two caged Mona monkeys, that were clearly there solely as a tourist attraction. I’m quite sure that the large majority of tourists have no interest in seeing these wonderful creatures tied up in a cage when they only have to visit Grand Etang to see them roaming in their natural habitat!

We paid the EC$2.50 (per person) fee to gain access to the viewing gallery and the falls, an experience easily worth the cost.

concord waterfalls parking

The large parking area adjacent to the first waterfall

Hiking to Concord Waterfall Two

Upon leaving the first waterfall, the road terminates into a large tarmacked parking area. At the far end, you will cross a small concrete bridge that takes you across a stream. You will now find yourself in true nature. For the next 45 minutes, you will be following the Concord river upstream, with only the sound of the river’s current and forest bird life to disturb you.

concord river

Picturesque Concord River

The catastrophic Hurricane Ivan in 2004 which decimated large parts of Grenada, also destroyed many of the small bridges that crossed the Concord river. Unfortunately, very few of these bridges have ever been rebuilt. As the trail continues, it is necessary to cross the river on numerous occasions to pick up the best sections of path possible. You, therefore, have to use the many rocks as stepping stones as you negotiate the river crossings.

concord waterfalls hike

Didem and Jerry

Before long, the second of the Concord waterfalls appeared before us and it was exactly what we were hoping to see! Crystal clear mountain waters tumbling down a sheer rock face into a large plunge pool, shielded from the sun by steep valley sides and nature’s green canopy. What’s more, there was not a tourist in sight!

concord river

About to cross the river once again

It was just perfect apart from the swarm of mosquitos that surrounded us the second we sat to take a break. While changing into my swimming trunks, I looked down to find eight of the little bloodsuckers lunching on my lower leg.

concord waterfall grenada

Jerry and Gavin cool off in Concord waterfall two

With Didem not wanting to expose her already mosquito ravaged skin further, Jerry and I took to the crisp mountain waters to cool off. It really was the perfect treat following the sweaty hike to get there. This is, without doubt, one of the Grenada waterfalls that you simply must experience!

concord waterfall hike

Off to the third falls

Concord Waterfall Number Three

The hike to the third waterfall is definitely a little more complicated and this is where Jerry’s services proved invaluable. The first section is simply a case of retracing your steps back along the river until you reach the small concrete bridge that you crossed earlier in the hike.

concord waterfall hiking route

Some proper rainforest hiking!

Instead of crossing the bridge, you veer off to the left and this is where things are not so straight forward! The path is narrow and well hidden by the undergrowth, making it difficult to find at times. The trees here are also more densely packed and branches often hinder your progress. Having a guide clearing the path with his machete is very handy indeed!

waterfall hikes in grenada

Through a banana plantation…

After around 30 minutes of hiking, the path meets the river off to your right-hand side and the third of the Concord waterfalls comes into sight. This may be the smallest of the three falls but it’s no less impressive.   

concord waterfall grenada

Concord Waterfall number three

It really is a magical little oasis in the middle of the forest and so beautifully serene. We felt that this was the ideal place to eat our lunch whilst taking in the incredible surroundings that we found ourselves in.

waterfall hikes concord

The dense rainforest trail

Following lunch, we hiked back to the first waterfall where we picked up a couple of gifts in the shop and bought Jerry a beer to thank him for his help. We then dragged our tired bodies the final 2 miles (3 km) miles back to our Airbnb for a well-earned rest.

concord waterfall hike

Some of the beautiful flora along the trail

Concord Waterfalls Hike – Questions & Answers

How long does it take to hike to all three of the Concord falls?

This really does depend!. If you start your hike from the junction of the West coast road in Concord, as we did, the total hike can take as much as 6 hours. However, we did take breaks totalling at least one hour; the majority of which was swimming in waterfall number two. If you drive to the falls or arrive on a tour bus, you should be able to see all three falls comfortably within 3 hours.

How far is the three Concord waterfalls hike?

If you start and finish at the junction of the West coast main road, the total hike length is approximately 6 miles (10 km). If you start the hike from the parking area adjacent to the first waterfall, the total hike length will be around 2 miles (3 km).  

How difficult is the Concord Waterfalls hike?

We would label this as a moderately difficult hike. There are no really steep sections but a number of awkward river crossings where caution is required, especially following heavy rainfall.    

Is it necessary to hire a guide for the three waterfalls hike?

If you are planning on arriving by car and just seeing the first of the three waterfalls, there is no need to hire a guide as the falls sit right alongside the road. However, if you intend to hike to the second and/or third falls, we would highly recommend a guide. Not only can a guide show you the best and safest route to take, but they can also educate you about the area’s flora and fauna. Ask for Jeremiah (Jerry). He was very friendly and incredibly informative.     

Is it safe to swim in the waterfalls?

Although you are permitted to swim in all three of the Concord falls, our guide suggested that the nicest and the safest is the second waterfall. He told us that the current in the first waterfall is powerful and unless you are a strong swimmer, can drag and hold you under the falls making it difficult to escape. In fact, two individuals drowned in 2002 and a further two in 2016.    

Concord Waterfalls Hike – Our Thoughts

The Concord waterfalls hike was quite simply an absolute treat for us. It may have been 6 miles of hiking in hot and humid Caribbean conditions but the rewards were endless.

concord river

The idyllic Concord River

For the entire Concord waterfalls hike, we were exposed to the wonders of nature at their very best and having a guide alongside to direct and inform us at the same time was priceless and certainly advisable. If you are on the lookout for spectacular waterfall hikes in Grenada, this is certainly one to add to your list!

We chose to stay in Concord for the ease of completing this hike. This was a mistake! There is very little to do in Concord so we would suggest that you stay elsewhere and arrive by either bus, car or organised tour.

grenada dog

Even the dogs are super friendly!

Whichever transport method you choose, we truly recommend Concord waterfall Grenada as a wonderful attraction, especially if you enjoy your hiking! Want to find out what others are saying about their experience visiting the falls? Check out the Concord falls TripAdvisor page.

Have you hiked to one or more of the Concord falls? We would certainly love to hear about your experience. Please share in the comment box below…

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