pen y fan walk

Pen y Fan Walk

Brecon Beacons National Park

The Pen y Fan Walk from Nant Cwm Llwch car park offers a moderately challenging hike from a quiet and picturesque valley location, leading to beautiful views from the summits of Corn Du and Pen y Fan on this circular walking route

Pen y Fan Mountain Walk From Nant Cwm Llwch Car Park


The last time I saw Robert Jordan was at my 10th birthday party in 1984. Soon after, my family moved from South Wales to Somerset so that my Sister and I could attend a new school. Robert was my best friend at primary school and although I considered trying to get in touch down the years, I never did!

In 2018, my work phone rang. It was my sister, Marianne who said, “I bet you can’t guess who is sitting having lunch with me at work?”. Yep, you guessed it, it was Robert Jordan. Well, we made contact after a 34 year break, enjoyed a few drinks and realised that we shared a common passion for hiking. 

When I suggested heading up to the Brecon Beacons to enjoy the Pen y Fan Walk from Nant Cwm Llwch car park, Rob jumped at the opportunity.

Where is the Nant Cwm Llwch Car Park?

The car park is located approximately 7 miles (11km) north of the Storey Arms Outdoor Education Centre. Follow the A470 north and turn right in the village of Libanus, just before you reach the Tai’r Bull pub.

Nant Cwm Llwch Car Park for Pen y Fan Walk

Not a bad spot to start a hike!

It is approximately 2 miles (3 km) from this turn off to the Nant Cwm Llwch car park. This Pen y Fan car park is situated in a field alongside the idyllic Nant Cwm Llwch river which is flanked by trees. What a location to start any hike! 

Cwm Llwch Horseshoe Walk

Although similar to the published Cwm Llwch Horseshoe Walk on the National Trust website, our version of this Pen y Fan horseshoe walk is an abbreviated one. This is because we did not find the need to include road walking as part of our route, especially when we are out in some of the best natural settings that Wales has to offer.

Pen y Fan Walk Map – Our Route

From the car park head south along the tree lined path that follows the Nant Cwm Llwch river. In approximately 0.5 miles (0.8 km) you will reach a small stone cottage where you will pass over two wooden styles.

Path Alongside the Nant Cwm Llwch River

Trail alongside the Nant Cwm Llwch river

If you are lucky enough to have selected a clear weather day for the hike, you will now be blessed with majestic views up the valley to the summits of Corn Du and Pen y Fan. Also, at this point the trail gradient increases and the moderate climb towards the peaks commences.

pen y fan walk towards the peaks

The climb commences

Shortly, you will cross another wooden style, indicating that you are entering National Trust land. Continue along this Pen y Fan route for a short while longer until the trail splits. 

style leading to national trust land on pen y fan walk

Style marking the start of National Trust land

The left fork will take you to the small glacial lake known as Llyn Cwm Llwch whereas the right fork, which we took, will lead you up the steep valley side towards Craig Cwm Llwch, the ridge that heads the valley. 

path steepens on climb to craig cwm llwch

Steepening trail leads to the valley head at Craig Cwm Llwch

If you choose the lake option, there is a separate track that links directly with the main circular route, so there is no need to back track.

northerly view across llyn cwm llwch

Looking back over Llyn Cwm Llwch from the ridge

You will now catch sight of Llyn Cwm Llwch for the first time as you progress up the steep path. The views of the lake improve greatly as you reach the ridge and the trail swings to the left around the head of the valley.

tommy jones obelisk on pen y fan walk

Tommy Jones memorial

A little further up the trail, just off to your right, you will see the Tommy Jones memorial. Shortly after this, your trail will be intercepted from the right by the route up from the Storey Arms Outdoor Education Centre on the A470.  

Did you know? The Tommy Jones memorial was erected in remembrance of 5 year old Tommy who tragically lost his life in 1900 having become lost on the Brecon Beacons. Both locals and soldiers spent 29 days searching for the little boy before eventually discovering his body near to where the obelisk stands today. The young boy had been staying with his grandparents at the time of his death. He died from exhaustion and hypothermia or exposure.  

This is widely considered to be the easiest route up Pen y Fan. As such, it is by far the most trafficked of all the Pen y Fan walking routes, so you will almost certainly see a steady stream of walkers joining you at this point.

steep path to the summit of Corn Du

Steep section to the summit of Corn Du

Corn Du

Here the trail also steepens significantly as you make your way to the summit of Corn Du. This is the second highest peak in South Wales standing at 873 m (2,864 ft).

 northerly view down the Cwm Llwch valley

Looking back down the beautiful Cwm Llwch valley from where you have just hiked

Now is a good time to catch your breath and appreciate some of the spectacular views on offer. To the north you will be gazing down the sweeping Cwm Llwch valley from where you have just hiked. 

Turn 180 degrees and soak in the far reaching southerly views down the Taf Fechan valley, one best experienced on the Brecon Beacons Horseshoe Ridge Walk

Pen y Fan  

From Corn Du, head north east into the shallow ‘saddle’ before the gentle climb brings you to the summit of Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales. At 886 metres (2,907 ft), Pen y Fan mountain is the highest summit south of Cadair Idris in Snowdonia National Park.

gavin and rob at the summit of pen y fan

The obligatory summit pic!

From here you get to enjoy the northerly view along the full extent of the Cwm Sere valley, with the baron light green upper reaches of the valley sliding into a dark green, tree packed lower valley.

northerly view along the full extent of the Cwm Sere valley

Sweeping northerly views down the Cwm Sere Valley

The view out to the east is equally impressive with the majestic northern slopes of Craig Cwm Sere and Cribyn falling away dramatically into the Cwm Sere valley below. 

dramatic views of the cribyn's steep northerly slopes from pen y fan

Dramatic northerly slopes of the Cribyn

Pen y Fan Walk – Heading North

After enjoying a break to soak in the incredible vistas and taking that obligatory summit trig point photo, it is time to for the next stage of the Pen y Fan walk. 

steep trail leads down from the summit of pen y fan

The trail heading north from the summit of Pen y Fan is extremely steep!

Take the trail that drops sharply from the summit of Pen y Fan, in a northerly direction, onto Cefn Cwm Llwch ridge. This initial section of the descent is particularly treacherous owing to the steepness of the gradient and the multitude of loose rocks and stones under foot.

walking north along the cefn cwm llwch ridge

The gently sloping Cefn Cwm Llwch ridge section

Soon, the trail becomes less steep as you make your way north along the ridge, surrounded by spectacular views whichever way you turn. Follow the path until you catch sight of a large stone collection off to your left. 

site of the now disused Cwar Mawr Quarry

Head towards the stones

Leave the path and head in the direction of the stones. There is no specific trail from this point, just open grassy moorland. 

Did you know? You are probably thinking that these stones look out of place in this location. Well, this is the site of the now disused Cwar Mawr Quarry where in the 18th century roof tiles were cut.  

Continue past the site of the stones until you reach the top of the valley. From here, it is now possible to see your Pen y Fan parking location.

Nant Cwm Llwch Car Park is behind the trees

Not far to go now!

With line of sight to your destination, it is now a simple case of picking the most suitable route down the centre of the valley and across a few fields to your car.

nant cwm llwch river

The Nant Cwm Llwch river runs directly behind the car park

Pen y Fan Walk From Nant Cwm Llwch Car Park – Q & As

How long is this hike?

The route as described is 5.15 miles (8.29 km) as measured by ViewRanger, our chosen hiking app.

How long does it take to climb Pen y Fan?

This Pen y Fan walk should take you approximately 3.5 – 4 hours.

How difficult is the hike?

I would say that walking Pen y Fan from the Nant Cwm Llwch car park is a moderately challenging walk for those in reasonable physical condition. It is undoubtedly more demanding that the more popular route from the Storey Arms Outdoor Education Centre on the A470. 

Firstly, this walk starts from a lower valley elevation, so the climb is longer. Secondly, climbing Pen y Fan from this northerly starting point is also more than 2 km longer.

What other Pen y Fan walking routes are there?

There are a number of other Pen y Fan routes that you may wish to consider, depending on distance and challenge required:

Pen y Fan Walk From Nant Cwm Llwch Car Park – Our Thoughts

Having experienced four of the Pen y Fan walking routes over the years, I can honestly say that this one has the most picturesque starting point. What’s more, start early like we did and for the first hour or so, you should have the trail pretty much all to yourself!

Infact, the only section of this Pen y Fan walk where you may meet the masses, is where the trail intercepts the path from Storey Arms to the summit of Pen y Fan. Once you take the route off the north slopes of the summit, the numbers drop off significantly. 

Descending back into the Cwm Llwch valley towards the end of the walk is a real treat. As this is not a published section of any of the Pen y Fan walks, you will almost certainly have the hillside all to yourself.

You will literally be picking your own route during this part of the descent, with the wonderful patchwork of fields laid out before you to the north west. 

Remember, whichever of the routes you decide to try, be sure to check out the Pen y Fan weather forecast before you head to the Brecon Beacons. The weather has a tendency to change quickly in the Beacons and a pleasant day can turn into a miserable one very quickly. 

With that said, also make sure you come prepared with appropriate hiking gear and sufficient food and drink for your adventure! 

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Pen y Fan Walk